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Reddit Users Spill Secrets Of Casinos - Business Insider Casinos are designed to keep you spending. "There are never windows in a casino, and fresh air is pumped in through vents," says somecrazyboard.Servers can get in trouble for comping drinks to players that haven't covered the cost of the drink, and are probably paying much more attention than... Do Online Casinos Offer Better Comps Than Land Casinos? Why Online Casinos Have A Better Comps System. That said, land casinos still give comps based on theoretical wins, a calculation based on theThe competition online is fierce, this is why online casinos must come up with new innovative ideas to rope in new clientele and to keep them playing.

best live croupier casino reddit best live croupier casino reddit The main principle at work for live dealer casinos is the same as the one at online casinos, except ...

How To Win Slots Reddit - how to win slots reddit ... Some online casinos claim, and exercise, the right to deny bonuses to customers they feel are in it only for the bonus, ... Which Casinos Offer the Best Comps? - ThoughtCo


Which casino gives the best player benefits for having a card and ... So for any regular players out here what are the best casinos to be a ... The latter seems to give more comp rooms for the same amount of play.

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Confessions of a casino host: Tales of high rollers, comps Confessions of a casino host: Tales of high rollers, comps and hookers. Free nightclub passes with a free bottle of Cristal at a free booth. Free steak dinners. Free strippers. When high rollers come to Las Vegas, they expect to be treated like royalty, to spend a weekend living out a hip-hop video — all comped,... Las Vegas - Best comps in Vegas Sep 27, 2015 · Hey guys, going to Vegas for my birthday. Can anyone tell me the best comps for a really nice place on the strip. I've got a decent amount to secure if need be. We've never been to …